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Shawano, Wisconsin Reviews

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A Great Place to Work, Live, and Play! - 8/1/2016
Shawano, Wisconsin is between the Wolf River and Shawano Lake. There's plenty to do here all year! If you like fishing, swimming, hunting, boating, biking, or just about any outdoor activity - you can do it here! The Mountain Bay Trail is well maintained and perfect for bikers, walkers, and runners. Last year Shawano Pathways added even more options for using the trails! Shawano Parks and Rec is working on all the parks this year, with Franklin Park being completely re-done! When it comes to business, the industrial park is expanding, bringing in more jobs to the area. Shawano has low crime, great schools, and a friendly atmosphere. More and more young families are coming into the area, but housing is still very affordable. The cost of living is lower here than many other areas of Read More

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Shawano - 2/14/2011
Good retirement town not much in the way of industry. Summer Activities include Fishing, Boating and Jet Skiing, Fall activities include hunting and fishing and winter activities include Snowmobiling and Ice Fishing. Read More

My review of Shawano Wisconsin, nice people quaint - 8/11/2009
When I lived in Shawano I developed a slogan there. "Come to Shawano on vacation, leave on probation" I put it on bumper stickers and sold a ton of them.

Shawano for the most part is a good town. The local people are very friendly. There are many lakes in the area to choose from for recreation. Shawano does have one of the highest rates of alcoholism in the country though. There are more bars per capita than anywhere in Wisconsin. I find that the utility costs are high in comparison to other cities that I have lived in around the world. The nice thing about Shawano is everyone waves to each other whether walking down the streets or passing cars. It is an ideal place for all kinds of activities for winter and summer. The law enforcement there is extremely crooked. Many of Shawano County's laws are not upheld anywhere else in Wisconsin. In fact the FBI and other Federal agencies are currently monitoring the entire Shawano municipality system. The average Read More

Shawano Culture - 6/2/2009
Shawano, WI is a friendly small town that offers a wide range of outdoor activities with a full 4-seasons. The people are friendly, with the exception of the local cult that is on the north edge of town. The cult owens business in town, but for the most part are not Read More

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