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It has been a great place to raise a family. - 4/29/2019
I've lived in Cheyenne for 35+ years. Prior to coming to Cheyenne, I lived in the SE us. I'm now looking to move away. I'd like a more inexpensive place to retire, and I'd like more temperate weather.

I'll start with the good. It is a small safe town and the people are friendly. There is
adequate shopping. There is also some entertainment (plays, concerts, etc...) locally and even more available along the front range. There are numerous parks and a greenway. The Summers are pleasant with warm days and cool nights. There is also a community college in town and it is a short drive (50 miles) to the University of Wyoming. There are also employment opportunities: state government, Air Force base, railroad and some datacenters, etc....

Now the bad: Got to start with the wind. Many very wind days (50+ mph). These happen all year long. The other big weather problem is hail. I think, the size of the hail and the frequency of the storms Read More

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Long time resident. - 7/28/2018
Cheyenne overall is a great place to live. As a military brat and serving myself i have lived in dozens of communites nationwide and rank Cheyenne closer to the top. Average cost of living and cheaper than most of the front range. Some of the best summer weather in the entire country but winters are definetly windy and cool. Shopping has most everything you need but if it is not here it is available 45 minutes away. Many food styles are available but if your taste is not found it too will be available 45 miles away. Cheyenne is a conservative community with some of the lowest taxes in the country but is still one of the most progressive cities in Wyoming. Most healthcare options are available in Cheyenne with the hospital and several local clinics being part of much larger healthcare systems from Denver Colorado. Cheyenne has great highway access and commutes a very quick travelling almost anywhere in the community in less than 15 minutes. Cheyenne does not currently have Read More

Great place - 6/17/2018
Low crime, low cost of living, great friendly people that typically give you the greeting of the day and open doors for you, safe to walk downtown and not many homeless people in other words liberals haven't ruined it yet however it is 36% liberal I believe the most in WY for a city but its still a great Read More

A big small town - 5/31/2018
Not too much things to do. Feels like the town's been forgotten by the world. No upper scaled businesses. Locals are very conservative and oppose to accept new things. Old people and losers are stuck in town for low paced life. Anyone who has ambitious, better job, or good financial strength will move to Colorado. Slow drivers everywhere reflect the backward of living attitude. Tons of coffee shops, sandwich, burger, and taco shops. Cost of living is low. 9 months of winter, windy all the time. You won't feel very happy living here. Locals are arrogant with limited vision to the world. Like a frog sitting at the bottom of the well, believing the sky is just as big as the Read More

Depends on the individual - 4/15/2018
Difficult to breathe. Extremely dry and dirt filled air. Has everything necessary. Read More

Two Stars - Wyoming would get more, just not here - 1/22/2018
When I could not find affordable housing in Ft Collins/ Loveland, CO, I went on up to Cheyenne, WY and found some affordable housing.

It was also housing run by a lady who later did some odd (and I do mean, odd) things to me! Scary - really.

There is a lot of good about the city. Its historic, beautiful really - Art is encouraged (and music). That part was really good for me.

But if you study its history, it was also full of scoundrels. Well, it has many good people - but its still full of scoundrels too.

However, if you are there, I don't know if the re-vamping of the Capitol building is complete or not, but it was one of the most beautiful Capitol buildings I ever saw!

Do not trust medical - not unless its greatly improved since I was there in 2015. It got me in trouble, and I was appalled - I also saw horrible treatment of others (but it may have improved. When I lived there in 2015, everybody would not trust Read More

Mixed Review - 3/3/2016
I lived here for less than 1 year. It was so so. Its a larger, small town - a larger city in Wyoming, with a small town feel. It has some very pretty parks, and a rich and interesting history. It has many historical sites that are fascinating to learn about and visit.

I did a lot of photography in the area, and it was a good place for it. There are many "nature" options here too, and with Curt Gowdy State Park and Vedawoo to the West of it, outdoor recreation was easy and fun.

I am a church goer and can tell you the religious climate is conservative, overall. I never was totally settled in a church, but still have one good friend I met at a local church there. Overall, my religious experience in Cheyenne was better than in some other places I'd lived.

A note: Healthcare here is not good. A lot of people travel to Ft. Collins, CO for good health care. I do not recommend the local hospital at all, FYI.

Employment options were Read More

I like Cheyenne - 12/2/2015
I'm surprised by the comments I've read here. I grew up in Cheyenne, moved away for 2 decades and came back. Cheyenne was a great place to grow up and I was happy to bring my kids back to finish school. Cheyenne is a giving community, where volunteerism is the of the highest priority for most. The downtown is undergoing changes that are exciting to everyone. New restaurants and brewery's are slowly opening, along with events such as downtown concerts and art festivals. Morris House Bistro and the Chop House offer amazing food, with more restaurants coming. If you can't find something to do in Cheyenne you aren't really trying. They have millennial groups are involved in the community, and great tech jobs. If you are a qualified techie - you have your choice of multiple jobs. Even Microsoft and Green House Data call Cheyenne home. The school system still offers art, PE and music to all it's students, I think most take these privileges for granted. The housing fine-there is a lovely Read More

cheyenne wy. is not a nice place to live - 9/20/2015
greedy little town , the government has cut funds so harshly the disabled and elderly don't have a chance , there's no work no affordable housing and what is affordable is a dump ,bed bugs leaky roofs flooding dirt mold land lords are not required to keek the property to a standard, no place to go if you don't drink booze it's very expensive here i tried the library it's small very limited and the restaurants are not great 2 are ok 1 is great i just can't get over the fact that most people here will not donate food and time to help the disabled and elderly also the crime rate here is growing and the cheyenne police don't really do anything to prevent crime they have harassed it's people by stopping them and questioning them for no reason it's not even a nice place to visit it's just another place to go to get drunk it's to cold in the winter and the winters are long the transit system here is lousy no one in government whether it be an employee or an official cares about the people Read More

cheyenne - 9/1/2015
People are very kind and friendly. Very cold with high winds that stretches across the winter months And not for the faint of Read More

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5318 Wahoo Pl
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1008 15th
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411 E 5th St
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