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Rick's Perspective - 4/9/2018
Born in Powell Hospital in 1944 to a farm family. Older Sister Sharon (1939) was our Linchpin. Brother Tom (Earl Thompson,1943), set high standards for all of us, and Garry ( Garry Phil, B1945) was Mom's favorite. Dad farmed 80 acres East of Powell, and Mom owned the Coffee Cup Cafe for 18 years! I am a Vietnam combat Veteran, as is my older brother Tom. Went to So. Cal. for a visit in 1963. Traveled World Wide with ARCO (an oil company). Traveled world wide in 1st class! It got weird. Brought my Best Friend Marcia with me back home in 1992. Still Here. The Big Horn Basin is the best place on the planet. Read More

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real estate median prices data - 6/23/2007
I don't know what the "median" price for a home in Powell is but, $424,000 is way off ! It could be $154,000 but, just check the real estate web sites.
The only place in Wyoming where that would possibly be close to accurate is Jackson and the surrounding area. Just my 2c worth. Read More

Powell , Wyoming the new rich boomer hangout - 4/23/2007
Do not come to Powell unless you have a lot of money as there are few jobs that pay any decent wages and housing prices are going through the roof. It seems the local business people have learned that the rich boomer transplants have a lot of money to spend so they are catering heavily to those people. The working locals can barely afford to live here anymore.Of course if you rich , there are a lot of new houses and subdivisions going Read More

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