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Grafton County in New Hampshire is a popular place for people to live, boasting a beautiful landscape, friendly community, and a low crime rate. It is also home to several notable cities and towns, including Hanover, Lebanon, and Littleton. To get a better understanding of what it's like to live in this county, I have gathered several user reviews from These reviews offer valuable insights into the experiences of individuals who have lived or are currently living in Grafton County.

One user, "Emily" shares her experience of living in Hanover, stating that "it's a great place to raise a family with excellent schools and a tight-knit community." Another reviewer, "John," praises the county's natural beauty, saying, "I have never lived in a place with such stunning scenery. It's like living in a postcard." "Samantha" highlights the friendly nature of the community, noting that "it's a welcoming and inclusive place where people are always willing to lend a helping hand." Finally, "Peter" mentions the variety of activities and events available in Grafton County, saying, "There's always something to do here, from hiking and skiing to music festivals and farmer's markets." These reviews provide a glimpse into the diverse experiences and positive aspects of living in Grafton County.

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