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moving to Fort Wayne IN - 7/12/2011
Hi, my company is relocating me to Fort Wayne from San Francisco Bay Area. The company has offered $75,000 per annum. Can someone tell me if that is a reasonable income to live decently there?
Can someone give me an idea. When would a 3 bed decent accomodation rental be in a good neighborhood. I have two middle school going Read More

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Central & Southern IN - 6/12/2011
Central and Southern IN have a lot to offer. Indianapolis has many quality hospitals and medical facilities. Bloomington is a great college town. There are rolling hills and quaint small towns in the south. There is something for everyone to Read More

Indianapolis Indiana my point of view - 4/9/2011
Indianapolis has a few goods and a way more bad...
Yes its cheap ,but the lifestyle is horrible..
people here are racists , fake , polite(fake polite) ,there's a lot of trash and rednecks !.big % of men have no jobs, no teeth ,no fashion common sense , no education ,and very stack up.....Most of Hoosiers never been out of Indiana there whole life's.!?!!i was shocked about it!! and i am sure and i know there's some very nice people,who don't belong to this category , but i live here almost 7 years ,and i lived north side, south side, west side, east side ..basically all the sides of Indianapolis and is pretty much the same.except north side when you have rich ignorant uneducated people..NOT ALL...but the majority!
and veeeeery racist.!!!!!! very very!!!they dont like Diversity here, and if you from Europe they can NOT tell the differences between latino race and European..!!! also they are racist to each other..blacks with latino - white with black and so on.....I do Read More

Lake Effect Snow - 12/23/2010
It just gets way to cold and snows too often! A little change for the seasons is one thing but snowing all winter is just not for me! It's time to find a new Read More

Northwestern Indiana - 6/28/2010
Living near the Dunes is great, plus close to Chicago. So outdoors and indoor stuff to do. The Dunes has beaches, camping, boating, fishing, hiking trails and a varaity of other outdoor activities. Chicago has concerts, zoos, musuems, aquarium and more. It is a very nice place to have some of both Read More

Climate - 4/8/2010
The temperature in Indiana changes on a daily basis. Yesterday it was in the 70s, today it's in the 50s. It's supposed to be in the 30s by morning. "If you don't like the weather now, just wait 5 minutes and it will Read More

Too cold Too long - 8/4/2009
it's the state of a never-ending winter-now that summer is nearly over we are just now beginning to experience Read More

high crime rate - 7/6/2009
high rate of crime related to physical and Read More

climate - 11/3/2008
climates chages are good!!! At least when it get cold it kills off all the Read More

Church Planting - 3/24/2008
I find that there are great opportunities for planting new churches, culturally progressive but fundamentally and doctrinally conservative in Indiana. I see the state moving toward making strides in promoting jobs and new industry to our state. That coupled with the growing cities in the state is impacting the smaller outlying communities. The influx of people moving into those areas of job growth potentially proves to be fertile soil to plant new and vibrant local churches to serve those growing communities with the Gospel of Jesus Read More

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