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Crime in Missouri State is above the national average. According to recent statistics, the violent crime rate in Missouri State is 28.9, which is 6.2 points higher than the US average of 22.7. Additionally, the property crime rate in Missouri State stands at 41.4, a significant 5 point increase from the national average of 35.4. These numbers demonstrate that criminal activity is a significant issue in Missouri State and that efforts must be taken to reduce crime rates across the state.

Crime is ranked on a scale of 1 (low crime) to 100 (high crime)

Missouri violent crime is 28.9. (The US average is 22.7)
Missouri property crime is 41.4. (The US average is 35.4)

 Violent Crimes  - Murder  Rape  Robbery  Assault
 Property Crimes  - Burglary  Larceny  Auto Theft
Eldon, MO Crime History
*Closest City
Year Violent Murder Rape Robbery Assault Property Burglary Larceny Auto

   Crime in Nearby Cities
City Violent
per 100k
per 100k
Pop. Miles Data
Eldon, MO301.12,430.64,99672019
Lake Ozark, MO54.62,565.51,699152019
Osage Beach, MO543.76,154.84,554192019
Iberia, MO133.5934.6736202019
California, MO67.81,242.94,165202018
Jefferson City, MO278.12,572.939,121212019
   Crime in Similar Size Cities
City Violent
per 100k
per 100k
Pop. Miles Data
Memphis, TN1901.46,128.4669,2642632019
Oklahoma City, OK722.24,091.6571,8653442019
Nashville, TN1,073.14,041.1564,1693452019
Chicago, IL943.22,982.62,724,1213482019
Indianapolis, IN1,272.84,129.2759,0663522018
Louisville, KY686.93,891.5677,7103692019

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Over 6 years ago

We moved here 5 years ago and absolutely love it! Thepeople here are very friendly and polite. We live near Branson and Springfield. It is extremely beautiful  More

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There was a time St.Louis was the last civilized jumping off point before one embarked upon the wild prairie. For me and my ancestors, it was the best place to grow up  More

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Over 9 years ago

Don't move to Missouri. Most of the state is very country and conservative. I hate it  More

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