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Jobs - 7/11/2009
Rhode Island has one of the highest unemployment rates and a shrinking Read More

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Do you like clouds? - 2/8/2009
While I do love the state of Rhode Island, my affection does not stem from the weather conditions. Before I continue I must say that I enjoy the weather of all four seasons. However, Rhode Island becomes frequently cloudy in the summer, and receives and much rain/ice as it does snow in the winter. With these factors considered I would advice that one should move to Rhode Island if weather is not a major Read More

Looking to move - 12/25/2008
I live in Rhode Island. Its way to expensive here its not a bad place to live but the cost of living is crazy. The taxes are high and we don't get much for them. I live in Warwick. Its probley the best palce to live in RI. Good nieghborhoods and plenty of store around. Warwick has 2 malls,the states only airport and a train station is being built Read More

Housing - 11/28/2008
Rhode Island can be a very expensive place to live. I have lived here all my life and have seen the prices of housing rise greatly. For about 30 years I lived in Washington County (aka South County). I was priced out of the area a few years back and it is now very common to see properties listed in the millions if they are waterfront/waterview.

Rhode Island currently (2008) has the distinction of having the nation's highest unemployment rate and a state economy tht is running a high deficit. If you find yourself in the position of needing to find a job or losing your job the prospects are very bleak indeed.

Some of the best housing deals can be found in Warwick/West Warwick, if you can get a mortgage that Read More

The high price of living in Rhode Island - 5/3/2008
Rhode Island is a very pretty state with lots of beautiful water ways. Coming from teh San Francisco Bay Area for work I was very excited by the less expensive housing prices. However Rhode Island has a very high tax rate! Property taxes and income taxes are very high. In 4 years our property taxes have gone up consistently and therefore increased our payment added into our mortage from $500 per month to presently $750 per month on a $375,000 house. Food is expensive whether it is in the grocery stores or at a restaurant. There are no $1.00 taco trucks here! It is great to be able to reach everything in the entire state in 45 minutes or less.

When using sperlings comparisons for other locations everything in RI comes up more expensive except housing for all of the locations I am considering which are warmer weather well known locations.

I've realized that all in all moving will be a flat change in overhead expense because what I would be saving in taxes and Read More

Cost of living - 3/19/2008
Rhode Island is a beautiful State to live in with all of its tourist attractions and activities. However, as with many States, it has a hugh budget deficit. As a result, for the average senior citizen, it is becoming too expensive to live Read More

Expensive little state - 2/18/2008
High and getting Read More

Rhode Island is Expensive - 2/13/2008
Property taxes are high. Rents are high. The mandatory car insurance is expensive. More and more of the industrial jobs that RI was known for have moved South. Its hard to make a living with the tough economy. An estimated 1000 families have left RI according to an article in the Read More

high taxes - 6/5/2007
Everything is taxed, cars, boats, campers, gasoline $0.31/gal. Read More

cost of living - 12/3/2006
higher cost of living relative to average employment Read More

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Rhode Island
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123 Eustis Ave
Bed 3 | Bath 3

550 Wakefield St Unit 5
Bed 2 | Bath 2

250 Staples Rd
Bed 4 | Bath 4

91 Fourth St Unit 2
Bed 3 | Bath 2

0 Matunuck School House Rd
Bed N/A | Bath N/A

0 Central Ave
Bed N/A | Bath N/A

1607 Cranston St
Bed 3 | Bath 2


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