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OK place to visit - 7/19/2013
There are some beautiful places in Read More

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Religion - at a Cost of Love and Concern in South - 7/16/2013
If I were anyone considering moving to South Carolina, from a state that has liberal views and respects other peoples lifestyles (I came from Massachusetts) I would not suggest moving to South Carolina!

I was shocked when I came here that at every corner was a church and everyone was a adamant (or so-called) Christian yet, I have heard no lack of prejudice for black people, intolerance for poor people, and a general malaise for anything progressive in the way of accepting people at all.

I originally came to live with a Brother in Law (B-I-L) who's family was associated with "The Bob Jones University/church", an institution who's unaccredited classes, that further close minds, piggery, waggery, scientific principles, place locks and chains on medical ideas, ultimately, likening S.C. to being in the Dark Ages. I was very leery coming here but was assured that I would not have much contact with these people, to my dismay I WAS around them and heard things I Read More
Laura | ,  | Reply | 3 Replies

retirement - 3/14/2013
too cold in Read More

Quality of Life in SC - 2/3/2013
Those criticism of SC are not correct. SC is a wonderful state to live in, low taxes, nice people, beautiful land, beautiful lakes and beaches. There are even mountains to enjoy in the northwest part of the state and its beautiful. Columbia has alot of cultural things to see and do, great downtown areas to enjoy, many events to take part in. SC has many historical places of interest also. Weather is good with the exception of summer in Columbia and surrounding areas where it is really hot. When doing things in SC its best in Spring, fall and winter. If you love hot, its summer for you. You would enjoy the state very Read More

cost of living - 8/26/2012
moving here from NY you can't beat the Read More

Its A Police State - 7/16/2012
Lived here for 12 years. Most small towns in this state are addicted to alcohol, meth and traffic fines. Highway Patrol are everywhere and they WILL ticket for the smallest speed violation. Fines can only be paid in cash. My neighbour is a retired cop and he told me they split up the money in the back room at the end of the court day. The magistrate takes the biggest cut. Lousy schools with low test scores/graduation rate. Meth is everywhere and the local police are often paid off to look the other way. Don't come here unless you love b-b-que, drugs, hunidity, teenage mothers,and guns. Read More

weather - 7/10/2012
Awesome weather! Lots of sunshine and little Read More

Suggestions - 4/20/2012
I am a transferable government worker desiring to move - preferably - to a costal state from the Carolina's to the Jacksonville, FL and perhaps California. My wages will require me to live in an affordable cost of living state...Yes I realize California is probably not a good option. Any Read More

water quality - 12/25/2011
Why is the water quality so low up and down the Grand Stand area? Read More

I remember when I mentioned relocating to South Ca - 6/26/2011
5 good reason to bypass South Carolina
1. They dont believe in education
2. They hate women
3. They have no industry
4. If you live above the mason dixon line, you must be related to Sherman
5 Even the coast, though pretty is backward and problems like rape domestic violence, date rape drugs being administered in Grand Strand bars, major problems in the hotels with violence and theft..dont Read More

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South Carolina
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