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South Carolina State has higher than average crime rates in both violent and property crime categories. The violent crime rate in South Carolina is 27.8, which is 5.1 points higher than the US average of 22.7. Similarly, the property crime rate in South Carolina is 46.1, which is 10.3 points higher than the US average of 35.4. This suggests that people living in South Carolina State are at a greater risk of being victims of both violent and property crimes compared to those living in other states across the US.

Crime is ranked on a scale of 1 (low crime) to 100 (high crime)

South Carolina violent crime is 27.8. (The US average is 22.7)
South Carolina property crime is 46.1. (The US average is 35.4)

 Violent Crimes  - Murder  Rape  Robbery  Assault
 Property Crimes  - Burglary  Larceny  Auto Theft
Forest Acres, SC Crime History
*Closest City
Year Violent Murder Rape Robbery Assault Property Burglary Larceny Auto

   Crime in Nearby Cities
City Violent
per 100k
per 100k
Pop. Miles Data
Forest Acres, SC620.26,172.510,14632019
Columbia, SC775.15,252.3118,79852019
Cayce, SC971.15,657.612,62552019
West Columbia, SC706.16,666.313,72982019
Springdale town (Lexington County), SC399.63,487.12,95692019
Pine Ridge town (Lexington County), SC220.9839.62,263102016
   Crime in Similar Size Cities
City Violent
per 100k
per 100k
Pop. Miles Data
Charlotte, NC739.43,925.8604,931842019
Atlanta, GA768.84,654.4430,0661992018
Jacksonville, FL647.43,309.5790,9722562019
Nashville, TN1,073.14,041.1564,1693622019
Louisville, KY686.93,891.5677,7103892019
Louisville, KY1,346.410,044.0257,7393892003

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As a 20 year resident of South Carolina, I can say, that it unfortunately as a whole isn’t the hospitable, friendly, nice, safe, or the wonderful picture many people  More

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As an adult child now absorbing responsibilities for elderly parents; options must be addressed. Cost of Living is required long-term. We discovered South Carolina's  More

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Over 7 years ago

The Upstate (Greenville, Clemson, etc) is very nice ... lots to do and the weather, food and people seem to compare well to the Low  More

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