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You get what you pay for and you get a lot in Wisc - 2/2/2010
I think Wisconsin has it all. Four beautiful seasons (though yes by March I am ready to see some green too) and the best services that tax dollars can pay for. We have great schools, great state and local services, and limitless opportunities. I have been in states with no sewer systems, where you have to buy stickers on every bag of garbage, where the schools are crumbling, and state parks, etc. are an empty field. I will pay my money and live here any Read More

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What is the real black population in Washington DC - 1/2/2010
I will like to know what the black population in DC and Atlanta I dont know if this is a current number it should be little Read More

climate - 11/20/2009
very nice in summer, although humid.
Winters cold as expected; the worst is spring and fall
compared to most other parts of the Read More

cold - 9/24/2009
This state is cold and miserable. I would not move to Read More
Brandon | ,  | Reply | 1 Reply

Ozaukee County - 8/1/2009
A great place to raise a Read More

Its so dark, wet and cold here! - 4/6/2009
Just moved to WI and feel trapped. Dream of someday moving where its hot and there is no snow. My Read More

state of wisconsin - 4/3/2009
wisconsin is fine. The weather is colder than I like, more than I like but I do enjoy all 4 seasons. I live close enough to the cities to get culture and traffic if I want Read More

General Wisconsin info - 11/10/2008
Winters can be brutal. Beautiful natural resources throughout the state. Milwaukee charm (culterally diverse, summer festivals, parks on the lake, a bit of a small town feel with city "stuff" and Chicago near enough if you want bigger). Rest of WI has little Read More

Snow - 9/12/2008
We had over 100 inches of snow this last winter. They are predicting even more this year. In addition, mold and other allergens are Read More

Weather - 8/18/2008
Cold, cold, cold in winter. Humid in Read More

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