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Housing costs are insane here
Star Rating - 1/1/2013
And that's why Burbed is still publishing a new house every weekday, almost 7 years from its founding.

Lots of places have million dollar houses, and they look like a million. They're big, and attractive, and sit on a nice piece of land, and you drive by and wish you could live there. But only Silicon Valley are there million dollar crapshacks. You drive by a whole block of them and think "meh" or "stuck in suburbia" or even "what a bunch of dumps" and then you find out every one of them is worth more than a million bucks.
madhaus | Sunnyvale, CA
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Man that is so funny. I live in one of those crap shacks. So they buy it for 1.1 million, a 1950 flat top on concrete. Then tear it down and build a new one for another $500,000.00 . Then pay $1,583.00 / month in just property TAX.
Jeff | San Jose, CA | Report Abuse
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