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Temps reported are from Airport NOT near Pueblo We
Star Rating - 5/8/2011
I have lived in Pueblo West many years and always knew Pueblo West was hotter than Pueblo doe to many reasons that seemed logical such as fewer trees, further from river valley, higher elevation (but not high enough to cool it), and soil type. The snow melts faster, the temps on news will not be what you see at bank or your own window thermometer. etc.

People should realize if looking up historical info on weather that almost all is taken from Pueblo airport which is on the east side of Pueblo while Pueblo West is a few miles to West of Pueblo (name kinda gives it away haha). People should also consider that I and others believe the airport temp readings are not reliable either. For example they report by tenths of degree yet when I looked back to a heat wave one year they show 5 days straight of exactly 100.0 for max temp. If you know anything about temp then you realize how unlikely that is. you may have 5a days at 100, but all at 100.0 is quite unbelievable. I suspect the equipment has 100 maximum since I have never found any record above 100 for historical daily data while the records show higher than 100 for record reading. those being from a weather station not allowing inquiry of history for each and every day.

Yesterday was May 7th and I have 3 different type & brand thermometers. I live on an acreage so lots of distance between threrms. One on North side of house just outside window always in shade. One 50 yards away on South side in shade of 2 privacy fences at 25 yards from house. The 3rd being the one on my 2005 vehicle. All 3 read between 97 to 101 in the afternoon and may have all went higher than that even. I only took note of temp at each in early afternoon. YET, the historical records on 2 different sites show the maximum was 89. Even on the lowest reading I got from 3 thermometers there is a 12 degree difference which is HUGE! Today is not much different with report on weather site saying 87 and my LOWEST thermometer showed 94. And boy howdy YES it sure felt hot yesterday and also today but not as bad as yesterday.
jon | Pueblo, CO
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