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Orlando is a city full of jerks a**holes and loser
Star Rating - 4/26/2017

This is a terrible city- the good reviews are by losers themselves, the only idiots who will condone this awful place. The city of orlando is full of rude people, people who have NO sense of manners, personal space, and energy vampires. I recently went to jacksonville- just for a few hours- it was like a different planet. The chick fila I went to- everyone was so nice and kind- and i mean GENUINELY nice. In orlando- they're all passive aggressive and crazy rude usually. I didn't know how to react because living in the horrible city of orlando, these awful sick people will mess with you who are and not let you be happy or a real human being. I was in a bathroom somewhere and this girl sort of beat me to the paper towels but she made a funny comment about it- i just laughed because again im like..where the f*ck am I?? these people are not only NORMAL but they're actually like happy people and friendly. In orlando, all you find are passive aggressive angry psycho people- really rude weird nasty people...

To have to be around these horrible orlando jerks is some kind of hell. These are some of the most soulless weirdest people you will find anywhere. I mean they have no souls- they are just freaks or something. I knew a girl that came down from GA. She joined some group. She thought she had a 'family', but they screwed her over badly. Because they were horrible cold soulless jerks. Any other city I go to- the people are so much different--they are much nicer, more normal in so many ways. If you want to interact with zombies and cold psycho people orlando is the place to do that. The people of orlando are WEIRD and terrible.
The ONLY nice people ive met in orlando, are some people from new york- and it's usually been black women or black men from new york that's it, or maybe some italians. But I mean like genuinely nice people just don't exist in orlando- it's just weirdos or really rude crazy passive aggressive jerks.

I recently went on a date with an 'orlando native'. I thought he was a nice person. The first hour he passive aggressively talked over me and interrupted me to a point where I asked him to stop four times. He never did. The rest of the experience was horrible but that's what you get for going anywhere with an 'orlando native'- they are the worst weirdest freaks you will ever meet in your life. Everytime I go to walmart in orlando- it's a terrible experience. The employees are crazy jerks, and the customers are the same. Both are equally jerks or rude in some way. Ive had employees do crazy things to me in orlando walmarts such as come and grab my item during self check out and scan it, or do some really messed up things to be jerks. It's always bad in an orlando walmart.
Ive been to walmarts in atlanta, dc, jacksonville, tampa and many other cities- yet strangely no one is rude weird or bothers you there. Even if the stores are full of people- the employees don't harass you or do rude things to you, and the customers don't either. Yet in orlando- the idiots that work there and the customers are all rude jerks. Heck, in a tampa walmart the employees were flirting with me. In an orlando walmart, they will harass and treat you badly...

To give an example of the idiots in orlando, I was recently at a walmart checking out. Once I was done the cashier gave me my receipt. The person behind me some white kid, had one item. The cashier scanned his item, and I wasn't even done loading my cart- I had like five bags. These jerks didn't even give me 5 seconds to load my cart- not even five freaking seconds. He rang the guy up, and the guy literally was sticking his credit card in the machine, reaching over, b/c my cart was still there. I mean talk about invading people's space, and basic manners. This stupid rude kid reached over my cart to stick his credit card in the machine rudely, not even giving me any time to leave my area, not even 5-10 seconds- literally rushing me to leave. I would never do that- if someone is loading their cart, you wait until they grab their bags and leave. But not in stupid crap orlando- esp the nasty rude ill mannered college kids. The jerks in orlando have NO manners nothing. They like to be rude, invade people's spaces, have no manners nothing, impatient jerks. They are some of the worst people ever. Though it's not a big deal it was still shocking that these rude male had the nerve to stick his CC in the machine while my cart was there not even seconds after the cashier handed me my receipt.
I wanted to punch him out. But this is common in orlando. in the grocery stores, walmarts. The rude nasty orlando residents will purposely even try to push their cart really close to you, just to piss you off or be rude. If you say something to them they pretend you're not speaking english or they can't understand you, or theyre just glad they got a reaction out of you. That's the city of orlando- passive aggressive nasty horrible people. They are cold soulless jerks. If they are nice, it's the kind of fake nice where they want nothing to do with you except that one fake interaction. If you attempt to talk to them about anything they will treat you like crap. If you're friendly with the jerks in orlando, they will treat you like crap. Orlando is an unfriendly horrible city. It's so bad that when you go to places like jacksonville, it will feel like another world. If you go most places it'll feel that way because the people of orlando are just that bad.

I recently went to two concerts- one in a florida city and one in orlando. In the other city- it was so different- just nicer people and people who sort of at least respect your space. My experience there was just fun. In orlando- it was some kind of nightmare. First, these two nasty rude females angrily told me I was in one of their seats- with so much hatred. Ive had people sit in my seat before, even recently- some I just let sit there and others I nicely tell them theyre in my seat. These females were so rude and crazy it was surprising. Then, I dealt with more crazy rude people. Two weird guys next to me one just stared at me intensely in the worst way- rudely. His friend kept standing right into me. Again idiots in orlando have NO concept of personal space and they're all energy vampire jerks. This happened to me at another show where I got into a fight with a guy who kept shoving himself into me. When you go to festivals in other cities the people are much nicer and have respect. Go to earthday birthday in orlando and it's hell- crazy rude stupid people. Everytime I go to an event in orlando it sucks and there are rude stupid people. The jerks of orlando are the worst. I once got attacked by a crazy female at the house of blues during a show b/c her crazy husband kept cornering me and I told him to get lost- this crazy white female lunged at me 3 times and two men had to hold her back. She was aggressive, violent and sick- the idiot managers at the house of blues then tried to kick me out after I almost got attacked by a vicious crazy white female. They were racist- im a minority and tried to kick me out for some crazy idiot attacking. i guess that's typical in stupid orlando- they try to punish a victim. Crazy people are here. Even justin bieber complained about how crazy the idiots in orlando are- when you have someone like that saying these people have no manners and are crazy- that says a lot.

If you are a positive person with good energy- RUN don't walk from orlando. The entire city is full of energy vampires- these angry bitter low class weirdos who are miserable angry and they will do anything to take your energy. Orlando is a place full of really negative nasty messed up people. So when there is someone who is positive, they will just try to take their energy or bring them down. Ive never been to a city with bigger 'energy vampire' types than orlando. Everywhere you go in Orlando you will find these kind of freaks. That is a good description of the city- angry bitter weird losers, miserable nasty people, and energy vampires. It's just a weird messed up place, and the people are the rudest. The drivers are the worst- everyone that visits orlando complains of the terrible drivers there- stupid and idiotic people driving who don't know how to drive. All they do is cut people off, tailgate people in the right hand lane, and harass people.
melissa | Orlando, FL
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