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Moscow...maybe. A few things to consider.
Star Rating - 10/1/2020
I paused to reread my comments below. What was missing is the heart of the matter, which I’d like to explain now before you read my experience and opinion.

While I was so anticipatory of moving here, I have become saddened and troubled. If you’ve ever cut into a fresh apple only to find a maggot…that same repulsion is at play here. If you were to speak with me in person, you’d hear the sadness and grief that I feel about the way these people behave. Under the flag of these United States of America, and the values established in blood circa 1776, I am saddened.

I moved here in 2020. This might not seem like very long to know many details, just color me surprised:

- Because the University of Idaho is located here, there is an unusual degree of pedantic snobbery. Elitists on campus apparently feel entitled to carry their hoity-toity sensibilities into the community. It is inescapable. A small thing perhaps.

- There is the matter of militant partisan politics. Not your cup of tea? Consider: The local newspaper appears to be the communications department of the Democrat party. Which is fine, if you're that kind of a partisan. Hardly a day passes without hateful, partisan, and high-minded invective splashed across the Letters to the Editor. Like royalty from the 1940s wearing large animal furs as they waft into a room, this group dresses their letters with the largest faux-umbrage their minds can contrive, spilling their intolerance across the page. Personally, I’ve not previously witnessed such an unending campaign of vicious blustering strokes as is the daily application here.

It’s as if these Intoleristas all own extra-wide paint brushes as they speculate, wildly tar, and clumsily feather EVERYONE who isn’t left of Bernie Sanders. Are these bloviating Leftwing painters one and the same as the campus elitists? It’s too soon to know. What is certain is that if you enjoy choking down a large portion of zealous hate with your breakfast news, you’ll enjoy this Leftwing rag for sure.

- This next item I have physical possession of on my phone. A local business owner texted me the hate list these Leftists created of businesses which they “researched” as owned by anyone who isn’t left of Bernie Sanders. The accompanying marching orders are to “boycott every business on the list!!!” Seriously – they researched it, put it to digital ink, and spread it around. If you’re into hate and intolerance, and you demand people away who aren’t like you, you’ll feel right at home with the aggressive spirit of Leftwing bigots.

I don’t normally eat out quite so much, but the Leftists’ hate list has become my roadmap to preferred dining.

Consider this: I’ve met the nicest, most gracious people at the establishments targeted by Leftists. And, without exception, the food and service exceptional. As a foodie and connoisseur of fine java, I say eat local. Buy local. And, thanks for making the list, haters!

- Best I can tell, this “hate list” has been around for quite some time. Upon it being texted to me, I presumed that local city leaders, having community prosperity as a top priority, would have denounced such flagrant hate and intolerance. Nay nay my friends. I was wrong. Dead wrong. I have observed that council members are as gentrified, decorous, and predictably soiled as the finest window dressing over any septic tank. If the city council ever gets around to firmly and effectively denouncing these Intoleristas and their behavior, I’ll offer credit where it’s due.

I must give credit to the business owner who forwarded me the boycott list. Like any American should do, I followed up with the merchant to see if there was any opportunity for discussion. To this individual’s tremendous credit, we agreed to dinner and had a wonderfully productive conversation. Because I have the utmost respect for this individual, I’ll keep the specifics of our conversation private. I sincerely appreciated the individual’s ownership of the details. Two Americans with different views, but not so different stories, had a conversation of substance. Wait?! Wha?! Right!? Who in America takes the time to actually talk past the rhetoric, the speculations, the broad strokes – and get down to facts? We did.

I applaud my fellow American for having the courage to engage. I believe further conversation is ahead and I am grateful.

Summary: So, it turns out living in Moscow isn’t for the faint of heart. I’m digging deep myself. I won’t move and I have every intention of resisting the militant Leftwing Intoleristas who think they own this place. I will strive to find ways to promote civility – but it’s difficult to imagine circumstances changing any time soon. I’d love to have you in town if you’re a kindred spirit and up to the work.
JPublius | Moscow, ID
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