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Not enough for kids to do & expensive to live here
Star Rating - 2/4/2014
Housing is very expensive compared to other areas of Idaho. Expect to pay upwards of $225,000 for a decent 3 bedroom home, and more if you want a good-sized yard (there are also very few flat yards). Groceries and gasoline are costly too.

If you have kids, this might not be the best community for you. Moscow caters almost exclusively to the college-aged students and adults, and activities revolve around the university. The downtown is charming and always bustling with college or adult activities (lots of bars, coffee shops, and the farmers market). Free resources available to school aged children include a gym (when sports teams aren't using it), Eggan Youth Center (for young kids), and public library. Activities for kids that incur cost are the movie theatre, ice rink (open during the winter), and aquatic center (open only for two months during in the summer when college kids aren't in school). The mall is very limited. So there isn't much for kids to do unless they have lots of money to spend, and even then only during certain times of the year. There's a lack of churches of various denominations (and most don't have vibrant kids programs), a lack of quality shopping, just a couple of quality restaurants, the public high school has virtually NO parking for their students, the middle school is old, and the elementary schools aren't any better. To sum it up, it's a great place to live if you're a college student, but not so great if you have a family.
SARAH | Moscow, ID
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