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Star Rating - 1/12/2008
I'm a single African American mother. I think that Georgia is beautiful. How ever there are some pitfalls. In order to live in GA, you have to have structure a plan and a budget. I lived here for 5 years and I struggled the first 2 years. But with perserverence, I've accomplished my goals. The traffic is horrible, Maybe you should consider moving closer to your job. Observe,research and read about what is going on. Most jobs hire thru temp agencies. You have to network, you can meet alot of positive people. Crime is all over, you have to go by your intuition. On dating, if you limit youself to one ethnicity then you don't have much to choose from. White men are wonderful as well as other ethnic groups. Housing can be expensive, prioritize. Do you want to have a luxury car or a coach or would you prefer to live comfortable. Don't set limitations for yourself. Strive to have the best and make the best out of what you have. Keep on smiling GA really isn't that bad.
Irene | Duluth, GA
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Gwinnett County
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Relocating and seeking residents viewpoint on life
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It's HOT... all year long
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Great place to live for a single young adult
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two ends of the spectrum
Here in Duluth - one will find out fast that you will fit into two categories: Working Ha...
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