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Star Rating - 3/2/2007
Hello all

I'm new to Opelousas, At first When i moved here I was like why did I move here, The Roads are horrible , Infrustructure needs lots of updating (Ex. Water seeping from the ground because of busted water lines all over town. Water lines are currently bieng updated and hopefully roads soon after. The Downtown area is nice & I've seen plans of the rejuvination of the downtown area, It would be great if were to be done. The thing I like most about Opelousas is its people, Nice, Friendly and helpful no mater your race. Not many things to do but your a short drive form Baton Rouge and Lafayette. I live in an older neghborhood of mixed races and income which I espcially like because of the diversity. Thats the way america should be wealthy and not to wealthy living side by side, Most Cities I go to its usally all the Poor near each other, and all The Wealthy folks behind there brick and Iron gated walls protection from what I don't know. Another thing Housing is very affordable, & Cost of living is well below the National Average. There is also a 24 hour liquir ordiance which hopefully will be voted out, because of all the rif raf that comes with it from all the surrounding areas and cause trouble within our city. Some nice resturants mostly local places & fast food but really great food, if you want national chains Chili's ect. you have to go to lafayette. Opelousas has a lot of Potential to be a great city if our elected officials would invest our taxes wisely, in Roads, Water & Sewage, Parks and Rec. oh and side walks would be nice.
John | Opelousas, LA
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- 1/21/2008
Follow-up to previous, After 18 months of living i
After living in Opelousas, for 18 months I'll respond to changes from my provous post. ...
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