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Opelousas, LA

Follow-up to previous, After 18 months of living i - 1/21/2008
After living in Opelousas, for 18 months I'll respond to changes from my provous post.

The 24 Hour liquior sales has been banned, except at the Evangeline Downs Racino. The issue with the water lines busted, most have been fixed and upgraded, also most of the City streets that were pothole ridden has been fixed not all though but a significant improvement. Still waiting on state roads to be resurfaced espically Vine St. which passes thru downtown, and Hwy 749. Also there are new retail establishments locating in Opelousas, they are (Starbucks, Office Depot, Ashley Home Furniture store, Game Stop) to name a few. Evangeline Downs is expanding with a new Hotel & Cofference Center Attached the their Racino (hopefully their proposed campground and Golf Course soon follows). The past Holiday season was great with the Chrismas lighting and Local merchants, at Le Village. Also the Music & Market every Friday in the spring and Fall, You could Buy Fresh Fruits & Vegetables, and listen to Local Musicians (Cajun & Zydeco) play and Shake a leg while supporting our local farmers. I'm Looking forward to the new events that will be added to the Mardi Gras Celebration. I'll follow up after Mardi Gras (Feb, 5) on how that went, as this will be the first time I'll attend the Mardi Gras Parade & Events in Opelousas (I usually go to Lafayette Mardi Gras celebrations I feel like doing something different this year).

In My opinion the housing market doesn't reflect what is shown on This site at this time (1-21-08) it shows that housing price are down 7% it may be true for older areas of town but there are new Homes poping up, just North of the city and especially along the I-49 Corridor heading south to Lafayette. Most of these New homes are price 200,000 or above. You can still find nice size homes (1700 - 2000 sqft) for $80,000 to $135,000 in older historic areas of the city (some May need updating), I find that really affordable and Like living in Mixed race and Mixed Income Neighborhoods I am Gay and have no reason to be prejudice to anyone expecially after all the prejudices thrown my way for what? being me.

Will Follow up next year. To all have a great year.

Lafayette, LA

Unique lively city continued
- 4/20/2007
The rest of my post that was somehow cut off (Maybe I had too many words for a post on this site.

As I am a well rounded educated individual, oh and have all my teeth, I could choose to live anywhere, but choose to stay here, something is just different about this place that keeps me here. Maybe because its like no place else in this country.

I Currenly don't live in Lafayette but work in Lafayette, Am Currenly in Opelousas about a 20 min drive north of Lafayette (Only because of the cost of housing to me is too high in lafayette and has gotten worse since the hurricanes of 2005

As we say done here Leze Le Bon Temps Rouler (Let the Good times Roll)
and Joir De Vive (Joy Of Living). Lafayette is a city of Life and Good times.

John P. Breaux
Citizen of the state of Louisiana (not the Former Senator that Resides in Maryland)

Lafayette, LA

Uniquely different
- 4/20/2007
I don't know what all the negative commets about Lafayette are for.
I was raised in this very Unique Louisiana City. The City has a Very lively and Unique Culture. Yes We the people of Lafayette are very different from most places in this Cookie Clutter Country. At least most of our Neighborhoods are Unique and most homes don't look the same and are different Architecturaly. We are a very Different City than most Louisiana Cities. You Can Travel From one end of the state to the other and No Dialect is the same, New Orleanians sound like there from Boston or other New England Dialect. Lafayette people have a very differnt dialect all on there own cher.

Lafayette and Surrounding area is one of the fastest growing cities in the state of Louisiana even before Katrina & Rita. If it was so bad Schools, Roads, People, Then why is it one of the fastest growing cities in the state. (As some where saying in Other post that schools and other quality of life issues were horrible). Yes We do have our problems like most American cities Do.

Yes it does get hot an Humid, but I'd rather be warm than cold. And its easier to beat the heat these days, Its a modern thing Called Air Conditioning(For those who are Complaining about the heat).

With all the different Resturants & Fresh seafood is plentiful, Cajun Spicy Food, theres enough to satisfy anyones taste buds. Also there is the National Chain restruants if you don't like the Local Resturants.

We are a very Laid back People, Who are never in a rush to get anywhere, and Family is the most important thing in most peoples lives here. Even if some family member does something to offend the other, Folks blood is thicker than water.

I have traveled to many places the worst so far I've been to is Las Vegas, Very Rude People there, People there are very much all about themselves, there is no culture and no respect for others. At least when you get a flat tire or car troubles People here in Lafayette (and surrounding area)stop to help.

Every Friday in the Spring and Fall there are Downtown Concert series Called Downtown Alive, Where else in the country and you have a big dance party in the middle of the street, Representing many different types of music. Its nice to see all the diffent people and Cultures mixing with each other and having a good time. With the Downtown Revitalization, New Buisness and old are thriving in the once dead downtown area.

As I am a well rounded educated individual, oh and have

Opelousas, LA

Nice City
- 3/2/2007
Hello all

I'm new to Opelousas, At first When i moved here I was like why did I move here, The Roads are horrible , Infrustructure needs lots of updating (Ex. Water seeping from the ground because of busted water lines all over town. Water lines are currently bieng updated and hopefully roads soon after. The Downtown area is nice & I've seen plans of the rejuvination of the downtown area, It would be great if were to be done. The thing I like most about Opelousas is its people, Nice, Friendly and helpful no mater your race. Not many things to do but your a short drive form Baton Rouge and Lafayette. I live in an older neghborhood of mixed races and income which I espcially like because of the diversity. Thats the way america should be wealthy and not to wealthy living side by side, Most Cities I go to its usally all the Poor near each other, and all The Wealthy folks behind there brick and Iron gated walls protection from what I don't know. Another thing Housing is very affordable, & Cost of living is well below the National Average. There is also a 24 hour liquir ordiance which hopefully will be voted out, because of all the rif raf that comes with it from all the surrounding areas and cause trouble within our city. Some nice resturants mostly local places & fast food but really great food, if you want national chains Chili's ect. you have to go to lafayette. Opelousas has a lot of Potential to be a great city if our elected officials would invest our taxes wisely, in Roads, Water & Sewage, Parks and Rec. oh and side walks would be nice.

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