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Dallas has something for everyone
Star Rating - 1/23/2019
Great Weather year-round. One of the best places in the country if you love BBQ, good food, and great sports! Folks will complain about traffic and being "too urban" but those are also the folks who will pick out one thing to complain about no matter what it is. Forgot to mention... it has one of the largest airports in the country (not to mention we actually have two within 20 miles of each other), we have one of fastest growing economies with a number of large companies incorporated here. We have some of the best nightlife and performing arts here in Dallas as well. Unfortunately, I feel a lot of the negative reviews here are people that have moved here (for whatever reason) and are now homesick. If that's the case don't bash our city because you prefer another because its home to you.
Connor | Dallas, TX
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Dallas "too urban?" I disagree. Anybody who's ever been to a real urban city (Chicago, Seattle, NYC, etc) will think Dallas looks like an overgrown suburb. Asserting Dallas has great year-round weather is also not true. June-September and January-February are awful. In the middle of summer it's not uncommon for the temperature to still be around 90 degrees at 10pm, and winters are often blustery and chilly, but they lack real winter precipitation. Instead of snow Dallas gets sleet and freezing rain, and when that happens people lose their minds and empty grocery store shelves like they're going to be trapped above the arctic circle for 3 months. The natural setting of the Metroplex is bad. It looks like Kansas with more trees. It's mostly flat with very little interesting scenery. People who want real outdoor recreation can expect to travel well over a hundred miles to get to somewhere with camping, hiking, etc. that don't completely suck.
ChuckT | Fort Collins, CO | Report Abuse
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