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Review of Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Not My Cup of Tea
Star Rating - 6/13/2018
I lived in W-S for 2 years while my husband was in grad school at Wake Forest. Our first apartment was on the bad side of town where there were strip clubs and bars on every other corner and cops guarding the grocery store exits. We moved to a nicer area over near Bethabara Park, so I got to see both sides of W-S.

First off, W-S is hyper Christian. If you are not a Christian, it is hard to fit in. Second, the roads are horribly designed, Silas Creek Parkway had an on ramp at an on ramp in one spot for a private residence.

When I lived there (2005-2007), the big tobacco culture was still strong. It was not unusual for a company to let people smoke at their desks or to see people smoking in the middle of a McDonalds. That may have changed in the years since, but given the area and how much $ the industry spends there, I assume the culture is still strong.
K.D. | Shady Side, MD
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I'm considering purchasing investment rentals, what area/boundaries would you consider favorable?
Ed | Northville, MI | Report Abuse

You must have been a stripper to be surrounded by stripclubs on every corner because if I’m not mistaken there are only 2 stripclubs in Winston-Salem. There’s no need to leave false reviews just because you may have had a difficult time adjusting to the place. Even the ghetto in Winston Salem doesn’t have strip clubs!
Charlotte | Winston-Salem, NC | Report Abuse
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