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Oh, how far the city has fallen.
Star Rating - 5/19/2020
It's shocking to see how this city has become a rotten, stinking, ruined shell of what it once was. It's now populated by wealthy people who only care about themselves, techie yuppies at google, and desperate, poverty stricken people in the 'loin. That's all there is now. The middle class fled many years ago.

San Francisco's government is the worst I have ever seen, and the level of compassion and competency is nonexistent. For decades the city has had a policy of "containment" in the Tenderloin, a place that now looks like a war zone, but hey, at least you don't see these poor people in the Marina. That's the main thing. Racism and class elitism and prejudice are embedded in the city's government. It's a culture of "I got mine", and if you need help, sorry, go and die on the streets and just don't be visible, because we don't care.

The so called homeless activists like Randy Shaw are as guilty as the mayor and city council. They make huge amounts of money through the Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation (yes, I said corporation!), and if things actually improved they would be out of a job. So it's in their best interests to appear to be doing something, when all they are doing is kicking the can down the street. It's their Permanent Employment Plan.

I am just amazed that the Feds haven't come in to clean house in 'frisco, but the paid off police and city's corruption is so deep it would be almost impossible. Very sad. Used to be a great town, now it's just Guatemala with color TV.
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