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TN is bate and switch!
Star Rating - 10/17/2019
TN is not what is seems. Living in TN 5 months and relocation was a bad move. The state has been anything but enjoyable since day one. The water is muddy and nothing I want to kayak or swim in for sure! The people have been rude and not truthful to say the least. I have yet to find a home that is built correctly or livable!! The cost of homes is a joke for what condition they are in. If you want a decent home and please keep in mind it is not perfect even at that price point is over 400,000. We have been renting which is well over 1200.00 month for ghetto. They call themselves "Luxury" LOL far from it. They have not been truthful since day one. We were lied to and now living in hell till march when the contract runs out. I can only hope we move to a better place. Jobs in TN are slim and the pay scale is so low it does not keep up with the cost of living in this state. TN has won the lottery with CA and NY moving in and raising the prices. They have changed a state to be over priced for crap. The land has no value due to the lack of care for framing anymore. Subdivisions are tossed up and the lack of pride in the build is sad. Please do not let anyone take advantage of you or tell you lies. We have felt the pain since day one and now trying to figure out what to do. The food tax is 6.75 the taxes are 9.75 on items. Property taxes are on the rise along with other taxes since the CA and NY people are on the boards. It is getting nuts and the pay scales suck!!!!! The list grows and do not believe the realtors it is crap for homes. Renting is just as bad you have crap for under 1200 and it grows to 4000 monthly on a home. Yes, I say visit but do not move to TN.
sam | Mount Pleasant, WI
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- 10/26/2018
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Mike | Powell, TN | 12 Replies

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