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I keep waffling on Houston
Star Rating - 2/19/2007
Moved here five years ago from CA, liked it but found a few things annoying. The roads are in poor condition, the public services within the city are horrible, the property taxes are gynormous considering you really don't get a whole lot back. Then, about a year after I moved, I started to really dislike it- a guy was walking his dog and he stood there while the dog urinated on my lawn. He noticed I was there and said "That's OK, she's just pissin'." That became my tagline for Houston- because that's the attitude I had been noticing for a year.. people in this city somehow feel entitled to violate the space and rights and others, and in their mind, it's OK, because it's them. Now, I've sort of calmed down and can appreciate the city a little more. For the most part, I am surrounded by inconsiderate people who have no qualms making life easier for themselves, inconvenient for you, and when I was watering my plants one day, I got even with the dogwalker by drenching him and his dog with water, and I said "It's OK, it's just water." After that, I decided I should probably try to fit into the community more and adopt the local attitude, which I have, and I feel better about living here now. It's ordinary but that's OK, it's green all year and I like that, the restaurants are a mixed bag but generally good. Downtown is pretty easy to get in and out of, and the medical resources here are top notch. I'll probably get annoyed again but for now, it's OK.
Rob | Houston, TX
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