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Star Rating - 2/20/2019
I lived in New Orleans for 7 long years and I agree with the person that said the culture there is a myth.

What you encounter as a tourist and what you deal with as a resident are 2 completely different things. The residents still whine about hurricane Katrina. The fact is just look it up over $700 Million went missing of federal money that was given to New Orleans. Its never been accounted for. Now do the math, the politicians are just trash and corrupt to the core.

As a resident the amount of corruption becomes apparent rather quickly, the corruption runs deep and most things tin that town operate througha "good ol boy" club consisting of crooked sheriffs, judges, police and other city officials.

This is not my opinion , but fact I was a resident when Ray Nagin was in office and turns out that he was eventually put in prison for being corrupt. (Likely he was a sacrificial small fry in order to keep the rest of the corrupt system in place and give the public something to think things changed). The corruption still exists and its so deeply rooted that they never get to the bottom of it. The people that go to prison over the corruption are just small fries.

The truth of the matter is the city of New Orleans is a gloomy cesspool and the people there are so used to corruption that if you speak out against it they will wonder what your problm is and instantly ask "you arent from here are you".

Former U.S. Attorney Eddie Jordan is being investigated for narcotics while handing an envelope to an inmate in a courtroom in New Orleans.

Just Google "71 Louisiana politicians who were sentenced to prison or probation" and you will see just the tip of the corruption. These were just the ones who got caught.
Paul | Kenilworth, IL
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Yes New Orleans has a lot of corruption and I spent 8 years dealing with the poor city services when I lived in Algiers Point. I prefer living in the suburb of Jefferson Parish. Now to clear up some inaccuracies. Eddie Jordan took an envelope from a relative of his client in court and handed it to him. It contained a letter and a joint. Jordan was cleared within days, dropped his client and his client and the relative were charged. He had no idea the envelope contained a marijuana joint. The 700 million went to home owners to raise their homes, but instead they repaired roofs and other things. So the money was misappropriated by home owners. The plan is to have them repay it but that is unlikely to happen. New Orleans is a great place for festivals and cultural events, but I would never live there again. I can get there in 20 minutes and that is close enough.
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