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Not a welcoming place, bad drivers~
Star Rating - 6/7/2018
Ill begin with saying, the living expenses are dirt cheap. You can buy a decent home for under 200k maybe even less than 100k. Thing is the pay is also dirt cheap here as well. If you are single and want to live alone, it's almost impossible. That's why there's over a 50% marriage rate here in El Paso. There is a lot of mixed characters here, but people are not friendly. They are very egotistic and pretentious without holding any actual educational value, or anything to uphold them to the imaginary standard they've made for themselves. The educational system here is extremely bad, utep has an acceptance rate of 99.9 at least. Also there is a lot of drivers from mexico so its bad like really bad make sure you have uninsured motorist in your policy. Its cheap to live here, but the people and atmosphere make it unbearable. If you have a choice, don't pick el paso.
ali | El Paso, TX
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Pfft...this review is bollocks! Bad education? I find it it hard to trust your opinion regarding that’s not ,”there is a lot of drivers from Mexico...” there ARE a lot of drivers...hmmm...maybe UTEP could’ve helped you with that...
S | Austin, TX
- 6/12/2019
El Paso..................ehhh!
Weather wise; El Paso is a great city to live in. Mostly sunny year-round and the tempera...
Sean | El Paso, TX | No Replies

- 2/10/2019
It's okay here.
Don't live here unless you are military. There is no room for growth, people are comfortab...
Karina | El Paso, TX | No Replies

- 12/9/2017
Great place to live, work, and play...
Joan | El Paso, TX | No Replies

- 5/15/2017
A place to live.
Not unbearable....
Danny | El Paso, TX | No Replies

- 4/13/2017
Born and Raised
Well you have read many of the other reviews, some have tried to be fair, and others have ...
Jefferey | El Paso, TX | 3 Replies

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