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Charleston not so great anymore
Star Rating - 11/3/2019
I have lived in Charleston for the last 10 years. The population growth, commercial development and high density housing builds are all out of control. The roads are not updated to support the overgrowth in development causing major, frequent accidents and sitting in traffic for hours on end. They are tearing down trees and filling in wetlands to build on, causing major flooding in the city and homes. The wages are very low here, housing prices have skyrocketed and they do not match the cost of living. The weather is hot, muggy and miserable in the summer leading to high electric bills and moldy home crawl spaces and attics. There is a big welfare entitlement attitude in the city and a lazy work ethic. When I first moved here ten years ago it was a half way decent place to live but not anymore. The quality of life here is not the same anymore. Good job opportunities are scarce and you have to know someone to get into a good Job. Alot of job competition to find a good job with all the over population.
A | Charleston, SC
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sounds like typical city. it's not charleston, it's everywhere. no where is what it was, our population as humans just keeps going up and up and up. what do we expect?
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