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Get Out
Star Rating - 12/20/2018
Lived there for 51 years and just moved my family to Florida about 5 months ago. I literally can't believe I lived there so long, it is amazing what you become used to and accept. I am writing this for any one who is thinking about leaving the dreariest place in America. It has been named #1 several times. If you are considering do not talk yourself out of it and just do it, no excuses. I let my wife convince me to stay all those years because of family and friends and now you could not pay her to move back. GET OUT AS FAST AS YOU CAN AND START LIVING LIFE THE WAY IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE LIVED!!!! I do miss my friends, but several have already visited in Florida.
Brian | Bradenton, FL
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Bradenton is a sh*thole ... fools think just because it's the state of FL that theyve moved somewhere special ..
Marty | Syracuse, NY | Report Abuse

OMG Bradenton is no walk in the park Bugs humidity and Boring bloring Borinmg.. Tons of rust belt overweight retirees with expanding bellies and receding hairlines. Boomer hell on wheels.
Edmund | Spring Valley, NV | Report Abuse

I returned after 14 years and I am leaving again. Good for you, Brian....LIVE AND DON'T LOOK BACK. Alabama im coming back home!
renee | Huntsville, AL | Report Abuse
- 7/6/2021
Find another place
The dude did grow up in Buffalo.......Ur lack of mental ability doesen't realize I MEAN WE...
rich | Grand Island, NY | No Replies

- 2/11/2021
Come here to die
If u dont have a connection, Family or friends, They will tell u that u r the problem.I ha...
rich | Grand Island, NY | 7 Replies

- 12/17/2019
Vitamin D Deficiency of Life
I am currently writing this review on December 18, 2019 @12:49 am from Batavia NY. I lived...
renee | Huntsville, AL | 1 Reply

- 11/8/2019
Buffalo, The Armpit of the United States
I grew up in WNY and have lived in various parts of the inner city as well as the surround...
Joshua | Delano, MN | No Replies

- 5/4/2019
The average low temperature is 40 degrees and even in the summer you need a long sleeve sh...
Chris | North Tonawanda, NY | No Replies

- 4/18/2019
Friendly place with better weather than you think
I am a current resident of Buffalo. I grew up outside Buffalo proper (by the Bills stadium...
John | Buffalo, NY | 1 Reply

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