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Better wait until hurricane recovery is complete.
Star Rating - 3/31/2019
This review is from a 24 year resident moved from Michigan. When I first moved, I missed the bigger city things like a university, large library, electronics stores, and machine shops. With the changing economy, I'm not sure that applies any longer. The review is 5 months after hurricane Michael, the area was hard hit! I live in a nice subdivision with 97 homes, two homes have been demolished, I think 50% to 60% of the homes still need repairs, 1/3rd still need their roofs replaced. (still covered with blue tarps) WE lost millions of pine trees! Because so many homes were damaged and we have so many construction workers here from out of town, rents have skyrocketed, double is common and more is not unusual. Traffic is better, but still a little crazy with construct workers flowing in and out of town every day. Many people left town because there place of work was destroyed, there home was damaged, and rent was expensive for a working person let alone an unemployed person. A drive down the main road would show 50 businesses that were damaged or destroyed and still not open. The are still many street signs down, and I have three water leaks in my subdivision, I'm sure they have been reported, but apparently they are low on the cities repair schedule.
Lamont | Panama City, FL
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- 10/17/2018
Beautiful area, but economy and employment lacking
I've lived in the Springfield area for just about 4 years, I'm military so I move a lot. P...
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- 10/11/2018
It needs more rain. drought conditions prevail. Grass and trees need rain. Sun is nice but...
Edmund | Spring Valley, NV | 1 Reply

- 6/12/2014
This was the worst mistake I've made
I moved here from Fort Myers, FL. The cost of living (utilities, food, amenities, and hous...
MissLady | Panama City, FL | No Replies

- 3/9/2013
hot summers.mild springs,falls and winters....
frd | Panama City, FL | No Replies

- 1/8/2013
Living here
I've lived in Panama City/Panama City Beach area since 1988, back in the day in my younger...
Dave | Youngstown, FL | 1 Reply

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