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Review of Lansing-East Lansing, Michigan

Lansing is for Loving
Star Rating - 2/26/2018
Lansing is a well balanced sub-urban city. Enough people to have a diverse night life but, not so many that you are living on top of each other.
Are you a politico? As Michigan's capitol city, Lansing is the center of the state's politics. And yes, there are political bars. (Like a sports bar with politics on the screens)
Are you a tech geek? Then there is plenty of geeky stuff here for you. The F-RIB, Niowave and Dewpoint. Unless you like Anime, then there's Shuto-Con.
Maybe you're an academician? Michigan State University might occupy your mind enough but if not, there are campuses of Davenport University, Spring Arbor University and Western Michigan University in the Greater Lansing Area. There are also satellite site for almost 10 other higher education institutions.
Just wanna have fun? There are river trails, golf courses, and an annual county fair. There are water sports on the river and in the many area lakes. If you're fast on your feet, join the Color Run or Lansing Marathon. And if you want to have your feet beat the street at a slower pace, join a parade. We have them for Memorial Day, Juneteenth, the 4th of July, Labor Day and the biggest of all is the Silver Bell's Electric Light Parade in November.
Are you still sitting there? Get up and get to Lansing, you'll LOVE IT!!
Joy | Lansing, MI
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