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Just plain NO
Star Rating - 5/22/2017
If you are looking at Hermiston for a place to live...keep on trucking because it sure isn't any shangri-la.Bad air,lots of pollen,too many illegals,too much traffic...just for starters.
JB | Stanfield, OR
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Yes yes yes you are so right don't forget the sand and the lovely goat heads !
marta | Umatilla, OR

Dang, I’ve never seen someone with that bad grammar.
Marcos | Hermiston, OR
- 1/28/2016
Housingin Hermiston
What is the average house cost in Hermiston and what is the weather? ...
Faith | Walterville, OR | 2 Replies

- 2/6/2009
Physicians per capita
Your data says Hermiston has 130 physicians per capita while the U.S. average is 170. Don'...
Dean | Hermiston, OR | 1 Reply

- 5/31/2006
Hermiston OR
I will really miss all the kids programs here when we move. The library and and the city ...
Abhd | Hermiston, OR | No Replies

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