Review of Yucca Valley, California

Retirees, military, and artists
Star Rating - 5/7/2019
YV has a good mix of mainly retirees, snowbirds, artists, and military families. People here are generally MORE friendly and LESS racially diverse compared to other parts of California. No big deal. I believe YV still retains the small town charm where the people at Vons and John’s Place smile and remember you, although it’s big enough to have a huge Walmart and Home Depot. There aren’t many jobs outside of retail and the military base. Tourists often visit on weekends to visit neighboring Joshua Tree National Park and it is a beautiful park, with ample hiking trails and rock climbing. If you’re not into the outdoors or mystical desert landscape, this may not be the place for you. If you like nightlife, this is far from LA. Nearby casinos, Kokopellis, Gadis, and the world famous Pappy and Harriets are your best bets for a night out, or just drive to Palm Springs. The cons: crappy roads that will ruin your tires in no time, harsh winds sometimes, strange near-empty stores/plazas, and summer heat can be in the 100-110 range for months. I prefer YV to the crowds and traffic of other suburban California cities even though I must drive 30 min for a real bowl of Vietnamese pho. It’s a place that grows on you and becomes more of a home as you settle in, IMO. Best to have the option to escape the heat though.
Shy | Yucca Valley, CA
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