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Fallon Cancer Cluster
Star Rating - 10/2/2006
Fallon is a known cancer cluser in the US. This is something you should know about before you move here. Any search on Fallon and Cancer will give you more information.
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Regardless of what the other review says about the cancer cluster, it should be taken into consideration by anyone thinking of moving here. The expected rate of incidence of ALL at the time of the cluster was approximately 3 cases per every 100,000 children per year. According to US Census2000 data Fallon, Nevada is home to 2,383 children. The rate of incidence of ALL in Fallon, Nevada is roughly 50 times what is expected according to SEER data. The Fallon, Nevada childhood leukemia cluster is no less than the 3rd officially recognized cancer cluster to strike Fallon since 1961; an adult leukemia cluster in 1960-61 which killed 13 adults, and an adult brain cancer cluster in the mid-to-late 1980's which killed 8 people. Has anything occurred recently? Not that I know of. Thank goodness. That said, Fallon is amazing especially if you dislike humidity but, I do believe that anyone willing to research a place before moving would probably like to be informed of Fallon's past.
Susan | Fallon, NV
- 12/7/2010
Nothing to do here. all the women go to sandwinds and spread their legs... not much else e...
amy | Fallon, NV | 1 Reply

- 7/6/2007
Nice town but hot, dry and lots of sand....
Wiley | Fallon, NV | No Replies

- 11/15/2006
Cancer Cluster Not Proven
The cancer cluster scare of a few years ago (2001)was just that- a scare. Cancer clusters ...
Susan | Fallon, NV | 1 Reply

- 8/18/2006
High mountain climate
Fallon is a nice little town with two seasons due to it's high elevation. We have 7 months...
Susan | Fallon, NV | No Replies

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