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High mountain climate
Star Rating - 8/18/2006
Fallon is a nice little town with two seasons due to it's high elevation. We have 7 months of winter (mid-Oct thru mid-May) and 5 months of summer (late May thru early Oct). Its very dry, though these last two winters we had a lot of snow. Seems most of the precipitation is snow, not rain. We have something called Po-go-nip, Paiute word meaning "white death", its a snow fog that we had two years ago for a month straight. The daily high never got over 32 degrees and we didn't se the sun at my house for 30 days straight. We put our fireplace to good use that winter!
Susan | Fallon, NV
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- 12/7/2010
Nothing to do here. all the women go to sandwinds and spread their legs... not much else e...
amy | Fallon, NV | 1 Reply

- 7/6/2007
Nice town but hot, dry and lots of sand....
Wiley | Fallon, NV | No Replies

- 11/15/2006
Cancer Cluster Not Proven
The cancer cluster scare of a few years ago (2001)was just that- a scare. Cancer clusters ...
Susan | Fallon, NV | 1 Reply

- 10/2/2006
Fallon Cancer Cluster
Fallon is a known cancer cluser in the US. This is something you should know about before...
ken | Pittsburgh, PA | 1 Reply

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