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Review of Fort Collins, Colorado

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Star Rating - 10/27/2019
We moved from the midwest to Fort Collins in 2014.

Beautiful location near Rocky Mountains, historic Old Town with lots of annual festivals, events, restaurants, outstanding breweries, active arts culture. Good K-12 school district and charter schools, excellent health care, tons of outdoor recreation like biking, hiking, white water rafting. It takes two - three hours to get to ski resorts. But it's less than an hour to Estes and Rocky Mountain National Park. People are incredibly friendly. Lots of great churches and other religious organizations, highly educated population, generally well balanced liberal vs conservative politics, home of outstanding Colorado State University (CSU). Only an hour drive to Denver and to Denver International Airport (DIA) as well. Property and sales taxes are lower than in the midwest probably due to Colorado tourism. Fort Collins has well managed city and county government. Beautiful and well maintained city, county, state and federal parks.

Cons: population is increasing rapidly and roads are totally inadequate. Traffic congestion is nasty in town and all along the I25 corridor (eastern side of the Rockies). Although we still have lots of sunshine, the air pollution in eastern Colorado is getting worse and it's noticeable most days. There's not a lot of diversity in Fort Collins but it's improving. BIGGEST con is minimal affordable housing choices, especially if you want to buy a single family home! Too many condos and apartments. Not many cities or towns are perfect.
Deborah | Fort Collins, CO
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I been in Colorado since 97'. I moved from where I was born & raised but very unhappy, especially after being in California and having a gun put to my head while at a restaurant. Left to work in Yellowstone, and ended up moving to Denver, Telluride, then Fort Collins, and now Colorado springs. I've left to go to the south to help family who was elderly, then return back to Colorado. I returned back to Colorado this year after being away for 3-4 past yrs. It changed! Badly! I never been to Colorado Springs, but ended up moving there, it has taken a turn for the very worst! Crime almost every week. Rude people mostly who van careless about human kindness let alone care for the state itself, I saw someone throw 2 bags of McDonalds right out the car window as they were driving in the Springs. Yes!, the mountains are Amazing, In Telluride they are even better! Fort Collins was Very cozy like, I mean yeah there is a big college and to some degree a homeless community, which is ALLOVER the state of Colorado, especially downtown areas and along any rivers or streams, most of them are NOT friendly either. There is alot of spun out homeless, hard drugs (Not weed..I never saw anyone angry or violent while enjoying marijuana, and if there should be..they need to be locked away!). Colorado "used" to be this hippie like state or nature lovers state, these days it seems hard to find peaceful places in Colorado anymore. It's a real and ugly shame! This state besides Wyoming is one of the most Beautiful and Peaceful places I ever experienced UNTIL as of this year (2020). I'm saying I rate it like this: (1) Telluride, (2) Gunnison, (3) Fort Collins/Loveland, and that's it. Any place other than those listed I would definitely avoid! And I am one who has traveled and lived in many states, but longest in Colorado. Telluride has festivals all the time, Safer hiking trails, Gunnison as well, Fort Collins is a bit more skeptical on the hiking, though Red Feather lakes is nicer and close by, the Timberline Church in Fort Collins is pretty amazing and lifting, Good people there!, they gave me free counseling and helped me when a close immediate family member passed away and my ex wife cheated on me and ran off with a drug addict. There is Good and bad everywhere, but the places I've listed, I've seen more Good than bad at any given time in the past. Colorado Springs had me soooo disappointed!!! So much beauty but the majority of evil, snooty, and careless people completely ruin it all, not to mention what it costs to live in Colorado Springs, the traffic is insane. Yeah..No. Just say No! Skip Colo. Sprgs.
Chris | Colorado Springs, CO | Report Abuse
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