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Star Rating - 11/8/2019
Honest, unbias and fair review. Lived here coming up on 9 years. Orlando's traffic isnt as horrible as some say. Just alot over very dumb drivers (40mph in a 70). But if you drive calculated and dont use your phone you can cut time. It's about the same in other cities. Haven't seen too many major accidents.

Lived and visited many places and have to say Orlando comes in last next to Baltimore. The population is sky rocketing along with the cost of living. There"s 3 major Colleges in the area UCF, Valencia (5 campuses) and Rollins. With an ever growing population and alot of competition from College grads the "Good" salaries are getting hard to get. Its becoming a major issue. People cant save due to high rent and low salaries, i've heard many say they feel trapped.

Average is 1100 for a small 1 bedroom. There's a housing shortage due to population. Might find something on the outskirts but for what u pay, 260k plus, you get a cheap cookie cutter house.

Orlando has hands down some of the most unfriendly people i've ever meet. No one says Hi, no manners, alot of people have that "too cool for school" kiss my feet, egotistcal mentality. Sad to say its common.

Dating wise, will admit i've done well as a single Man, few dozen 1 night stands, lot of dates. But long term relationship wise, it's not the place for it. Orlando is nothing but a temporary transitional city. Seen dozens of people both male and female get into relationships, only to see them single again less then a year later. Orlando was rated #1 for Cheaters (check stats.)

No character ,no culture just simply a cut and paste basic city. Orlando has swamp heat, very humid, Arizona is hot but nothing like this. However, well say the Spring weather can be nice.

Crime is getting bad. Seems theres alot more murders and rapes lately. This is not happening in the sterotypical "Hood" its everywhere. Check Orlando's crime map to get a better idea.

There is indeed alot to do. Themeparks, beaches, clubs, concerts etc are fun but dont expect to be living the fairytale. This is not everyday life.

Overall I would give Orlando a 4 out of 10. You can come and have your fun but let it be temporary. Have afew months left on my Degree, once finished i'll be leaving. Most of my closer more sucessful friends have already left.

Men, come have your fun, but if your looking for a quality attractive, smart Women for longterm possible Marraige/kids..check out Cali, Arizona or Miami.

Ladies, you can have fun too, but will say my best friends (both attractive females). Went on many dates but decided to remain single. They left to other states, 1 is now engaged the other been dating for 3 years. According to them Orlando guys were fake.

Retirees, save your money and check out Savannah, GA, SC, the Panhandle or Naples, FL. Being there they looked perfect for retirement.

Families, I can't say, might be good considering the activities, but just take note of what I mentioned above.

Hope this helps!

Absalon | Orlando, FL
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