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Star Rating - 7/17/2015
Montrose is a wonderful place to live. The economic downturn has been hard, and this area of the state has been very hard hit. I make 20k less to work here than in the front range but the cost of living is less. I like being able to walk or bike to work. The crime rate is low. The mountains are tremendous. And it's nice to have your choice where to camp. Plus there are miles and miles of trails to bike or motorcross. #lovemontrose.
Melissa | Montrose, CO | Send Message
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- 6/23/2018
Not much to get excited about....
Too many cons, economically depressed area with few good paying jobs and high prices on el...
Fred | Montrose, CO | No Replies

- 6/23/2018
Visit- yes / live in Montrose- NO!
Montrose may be surrounded by great outdoor opportunities but that is only the real positi...
Fred | Montrose, CO | No Replies

- 2/14/2017
Sad State of Affairs
When I moved to Montrose 21 years ago, it was a growing, thriving community. Around 2008 ...
Lily | Montrose, CO | No Replies

- 1/8/2017
Here's the low down
I've lived here 14 years. Originally from California. I'm 43. I pretty much hate it. But I...
C | Montrose, CO | No Replies

- 9/12/2015
May move to Montrose, Colorado
I currently live in Denver, Colorado and have lived here all my life with the exception of...
Shirley | Denver, CO | No Replies

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