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Hazleton, PA aka armpit of the world
Star Rating - 2/12/2015
As a longtime resident of the Hazleton Area, I can tell you it is one of the worst places to live in this country and I am sorry that I didn't run the second I graduated from high school. The whole area is rundown. The job market is lousy. Most jobs in this area are for high school/college kids or people who barely completed high school, lots of low paying jobs in factories, there are few white collar jobs or good companies to work for. The housing market is even worse. As a recent divorcee who was new to renting, the rental properties that are even half decent are far and few. And if you are looking to buy a house, good luck! Every affordable home is a real fixer upper that needs a new kitchen, bathroom, roof, windows, electrical work, and for some reason a lot of these older home do not have proper electrical services in them that are up to code and that costs about $5,000. ( I know because it had to be done when I was a home owner.)However, you can go to one of the few nice developments or suburbs and spend a bundle on a nice house with big taxes, but why buy a mansion in the middle of the ghetto. Speaking of ghettos, in recent years, the city of Hazleton has had an influx of lowlifes from NY, NJ, etc. They brought all of their big city crime with them and we went from a small relatively safe city to rampant crime. We now have prostitutes, heroin addicts , armed robberies of various businesses, senior citizens being attacked and robbed in broad daylight, home invasions, murders. People who want to leave here can't even sell their homes. I am planning to get out of this area within the next few years because there is nothing here. If you are thinking of moving to Hazleton, my advice is to make sure you visit here first and you will probably leave crying when you see what it has to offer.
Renee | Hazleton, PA
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Hazleton never had anything to offer anyway. I went through the city years ago looking for a home and it's been run down for decades with unemployment and run down homes and bad job possibilities thus, I decided to go somewhere else. It is very clear that Conformists and government leeches have lived in that town for many many decades. Don't blame the newcomers. Poor people that cannot afford good areas always end up in run-down places like Hazleton, Pottstown, St Clair, and all the areas in the 50 miles vicinity. All run-down towns.
Bella | Bradenton, FL | Report Abuse
- 8/21/2015
Arts and Culture
I saw that arts and culture is a listed con for this city. This is simply untrue. This cit...
John | Hazleton, PA | No Replies

- 4/8/2010
hazleton lacks cultural and recreational activitie
here you can go shopping or you can go to the lakes, not a lot other things to do. locals ...
al | Hazleton, PA | No Replies

- 4/8/2010
growing pains
they say it used to be quieter. this town got a big influx of people from new york and wen...
al | Hazleton, PA | No Replies

- 4/8/2010
cheap housing
cheap housing and rent, just about any house hold that makes 30 000 or more can afford a h...
al | Hazleton, PA | No Replies

- 4/8/2010
lots of snow and ice,warm somewhat ok summers
the snow and ice means bad pot-holes through out the city. get a house that faces north as...
al | Hazleton, PA | No Replies

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