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hazleton lacks cultural and recreational activitie
Star Rating - 4/8/2010
here you can go shopping or you can go to the lakes, not a lot other things to do. locals like to go hunting dear, ride motorcycles. a good thing is that you can drive for weekend trips to pittsburgh, new york, washington, niagara falls (this one is far). Some of us are working on bringing more culture to the city and take advantage of the recent influx of immigrants to make it more interesting... it may work...
al | Hazleton, PA
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- 8/21/2015
Arts and Culture
I saw that arts and culture is a listed con for this city. This is simply untrue. This cit...
John | Hazleton, PA | No Replies

- 2/12/2015
Hazleton, PA aka armpit of the world
As a longtime resident of the Hazleton Area, I can tell you it is one of the worst places ...
Renee | Hazleton, PA | 1 Reply

- 4/8/2010
growing pains
they say it used to be quieter. this town got a big influx of people from new york and wen...
al | Hazleton, PA | No Replies

- 4/8/2010
cheap housing
cheap housing and rent, just about any house hold that makes 30 000 or more can afford a h...
al | Hazleton, PA | No Replies

- 4/8/2010
lots of snow and ice,warm somewhat ok summers
the snow and ice means bad pot-holes through out the city. get a house that faces north as...
al | Hazleton, PA | No Replies

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