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Depressing place to live.
Star Rating - 7/22/2019
This place is depressing. Truly, it is. Nothing to do. It's extremely isolating. Piggly Wiggly is the only grocery store, and it's a joke. Too far to drive anywhere else such as Panama City or Dothan on any regular basis. The city of Bonifay is dead. It's dead. Hurricanes and tornados are a constant and serious threat in the summer, and we get violent thunderstorms here with wicked cloud to ground lightning and hurricane warnings regularly. It causes a great deal of weather-related anxiety and storm stress. The hordes of biting insects wait until you step outside your doors to descend in swarms and chase you. Allergies here are a nightmare due to the extremely high grass pollen and tree pollen counts. Constant wetness here due to the rains and humidity. Hazardous black molds and green and white molds threaten the health of many folks here in their homes. Mold thrives here and grows on everything. It causes illness. The area is impoverished and run down. There are no restaurants, gyms, coffee shops, theaters, Saturday markets or anything worth mentioning here. I hate it here and cannot wait to leave.
Laura | Bonifay, FL
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