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Make sure to visit Seattle!
Star Rating - 1/6/2020
I lived in Seattle for 12 years, and it was always exciting!
sydney | Mankato, MN
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If you find wading through homeless, trash, burned out and looted buildings, gangs, vandalism, graffiti and used narcotic syringes and needles "exciting", I'd agree.
Don | Sequim, WA | Report Abuse
- 8/3/2020
A gorgeous, unique city with some true pain points
A beautiful, vibrant city with many unique neighborhoods, Seattle is what you can make of ...
Ian | Seattle, WA | No Replies

- 7/23/2020
Seattle is dead.
Once a safe and clean major city when run by moderate leaders, Seattle has become a radica...
Don | Sequim, WA | 2 Replies

- 6/11/2020
Be aware that wild city policies can be a strategy
I see many reviews complaining about the city council. Most of these tend to be somewhat a...
GRAHAM | San Jose, CA | No Replies

- 5/28/2020
Picturesque landscape. Worst rated governor in all of the US. He has done a terrible job d...
Anony | Federal Way, WA | No Replies

- 12/21/2019
Judging a city only on politics is getting stale
First off, its a bit disappointing (although not surprising) that the majority of this con...
Todd | Bremerton, WA | 3 Replies

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