Review of Brownsville, Vermont

Truly Amazing Place To Live
Star Rating - 8/7/2018
I lived in Brownsville for my entire life (17.5) years, until I recently moved away to Florida. It was a really tough goodbye, as there are so many wonderful, great things about Brownsville that made saying goodbye incredibly tough. If you’re looking for a home with peace, serenity, quiet and tranquility, then Brownsville is the right town for you. I always remarked on how peaceful it was there. It’s a perfect place for kids to grow up. A cute elementary school right in town with lots of great teachers, a nice playground and a safe atmosphere in general. The resort is a great place to be a member of, as there are two pools, one indoor and one outdoor, tennis courts, indoor racquetball courts, a complete weight gym and so much more. This town offers a nice quiet road to ride bikes on and ride horses. It’s also a wonderful town to retire in. The local store is back up this summer, Windsor grocery store Price Chopper is only a hop, skip and a jump away and Lebanon NH, the city for all your needs is right off the highway. There are great local restaurants such as Harpoon Brewery Riverbend Taps & Beer Garden right in Windsor (I used to work there as a hostess and it was only a 15 minute drive from in town), Maple Kitchen which is located inside the resort main hotel building, The Hartland Diner, in Hartland, The Windsor Station, in Windsor and so much more. I want to go back and live there again with all my heart, as it truly was and will forever be my home. I truly vouche for Brownsville for anyone who is interested in living there. You won’t be disappointed!
Kathryn | Saint Augustine, FL
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