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Corrupt, miserable dump.
Star Rating - 3/7/2019
Been stuck here for over a decade. Miserable, corrupt, crime ridden S***hole. Terrible schools, unresponsive, openly corrupt government, not jobs outside of the limited federal sector, idiotic sprawl-encouraging housing developments (Mesa del Sol, Santolina) subsidized with taxpayer dollars to put in infrastructure for what have turned out to be boondoggles, while the center of the city rots. Large parts of the city (e.g. South Valley) are no go zones where M13 and other gangs are the law. Despite the racist tone taken by some commenters, at least 50% of the crooks in government are white, like our former mayor, Berry, who destroyed the economy of one of the few viable neighborhoods (Nob Hill) with a stupid bus project, using federal anti-poverty money, that is presently nonfunctional and does nothing but further snarl traffic, but he and his wife got paid, that's for sure. Present government seems to say the right things but is ineffective and has done nothing to fix much of anything, and refuses to investigate, much less indict, the thieves who came before him. When I travel anywhere and tell people where I "live", the question always comes up if Breaking Bad is "accurate" in describing the place. I tell them it's basically a documentary. Ten years on we still cling to the show as the best thing that's ever happened to this place...and despite what Brian Cranston and Ryan Paul say about how great the people are (yeah, right, he was hanging with "real" people" here), and how they own properties in New Mexico...you can bet your ___ that they have ranches in Taos. Not here.
Sheik | Albuquerque, NM
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LEAVE ALREADY!!! What are doing here? Or are you all talk and complain. Leave!!
Charles | Albuquerque, NM | Report Abuse

I disagree. I've visited Albuquerque twice last year and this year. Both times I went everywhere, from South Valley all the way to Taos. I'm sorry I do not see what you are seeing. I saw a few bums but that's to be expected with a warm weather city. Crime? Yeah most people told me your car will probably be broken into at least once. Violence? Nope, I never saw anything related to gangs. Where are the gang tags? the barred up windows? the hoods hanging out on the street corners? Dude you need to come live in St Louis and see real crime. Corruption? Welcome to living in a city, you can't get away from it I don't care where you live. You need to try out some other cities and realize how good you have it in New Mexico. As far as I'm concerned Albuquerque and surrounding area is freaking gem in the West that is not on anyone's radar. Just wait until people in Colorado realize they can have the same thing for half the cost, this city is going to explode.
Craig | Marthasville, MO | Report Abuse

Every word of this review is the gospel truth!
steve | Albuquerque, NM | Report Abuse

FACT: In the entire USA, Albuquerque is #1 for property crime, ABQ is #1 for car theft, and ABQ is #1 for property crime. After 20 years in ABQ I finally left. The weather might be perfect, but the constant threat of crime is too stressful. You can't go to the city libraries, parks or grocery stores without looking over your shoulder. I finally relocated back to my home state, even though the weather here is not nearly as ideal. Hats to APD for the fine job they do, but their hands are tied due the liberal justice system. And w/ ABQ being a sanctuary city, it's only going to get worse.
Dianna | Albuquerque, NM | Report Abuse
- 4/5/2019
I've lived in both cities, Albuquerque Wins!!
I was born in Santa Fe NM in 1969. My father is a retired Army officer, so at 12 years old...
Charles | Albuquerque, NM | No Replies

- 12/14/2018
Green Chile
Lived here for 31 years. Loved it....
Orlando | Bosque Farms, NM | No Replies

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