Review of Michigan City, Indiana

Overall, not good.
Star Rating - 1/25/2010

HUMID and HOT in the June,July, August and bone chilling cold in Dec and Jan.
Snow is just crazy...the lake effect snow machine comes right down off lake michigan and pounds us on a yearly basis

The only thing good about this area is the tree colors in the fall, and the 4 weeks of spring weather we get in late april to the end of may

ryan | Michigan City, IN
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- 2/15/2017
A nice place to visit.
My in-laws live there. I love to visit the place. Nice people. The city has everything...
Eugene | Clearwater, FL | No Replies

- 7/22/2008
High Quality of Life
Very high quality of life, but tough to find work....
George | Gaithersburg, MD | No Replies

- 2/14/2008
Great summer beach town
We have a great city right on the south shore of Lake Michigan. Shopping, boating, restaur...
Bqqmpa | Michigan City, IN | No Replies

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