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Life in Jonesport
Star Rating - 4/3/2022
A life long resident of Maine, I’ve lived in Jonesport for almost 20 years. It’s a fishing and lobstering town as it’s main occupation, and the boat building and supporting industries and the principal employers. It’s a very independent town of hard working people. They generally are pretty set in their ways and jealousy guard the environment and rugged coast of Downeast Maine.
It would be to accepted to bring in new non-polluting industry, but first the town needs to improve its infrastructure which is not very robust at this time. A comprehensive plan is in progress but incomplete still.
In the meanwhile a new fish factory is being proposed (2022-2023), but it is meeting opposition from the local community. It’s believed by many it will significantly add pollution to the bay. It’s feared the pollution will thusly impact fishing negatively and due its sheer size will further stress the infrastructure and detract from natural beauty of the area.
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