Review of Cloverdale, California

Sleepy town, High prices
Star Rating - 8/19/2007
We are in Cloverdale as a result of jobs - 2 adults driving 30 miles in opposite directions 5 days a week.
After just over 2 years, we have started packing and researching areas to relocate. The weather here is
great most of the time (YES, you DO need A/C here) and there is actually a good brew pub .

Very rural, too small(for us), very small old homes $350,000+ and typical subdivision tract styles $450,000+++,
90% of jobs in town service or agricultural so there's no $$$ here, commuting for just about anything but
typical grocery or drugstore items... We have found that our incomes will be about the same nearly anywhere
in the US so we want more for our hard earned $ including purchasing a HOME.

Our search has begun and your site will hopefully help us to gain valuable info while we look for our new
home town.
jamie | Cloverdale, CA
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