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Just like heaven...
Star Rating - 3/22/2018
Having relocated from Fresno, CA to Boise in Nov. 2014, all I can say is, "Thank God!" It's like a breath of fresh air after having lived in crime-ridden, overtaxed California for 30+ years. No more loonie, left-wing politics to destroy the economy. No more marxist "gun control" laws to disarm honest citizens, and no more "Big Brother" state government trying to enforce its P.C. propaganda on hard-working families. FYI, we didn't move up to Boise with a ton of home equity money. The house we bought here in Boise cost about the same as the one we sold in Fresno. So please, all you Bay area and SoCal types--stay away! You've already ruined your own state--don't do the same to Idaho.
Philo | Fresno, CA
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Rose, try Tinder dating app. Right swipe to check out your matches and if not interested in the pictured option that comes up left swipe. From what I hear the local McDonald's is hiring. Pretty good wages too. 7.25 an hour and you can't beat that. Fixer-upper is are available all over the place. I presume you have your own tools and will be performing the construction upgrades yourself with the toil of your own loins. Figure $350,000 for the property and another 75,000 particularly if you lay your own flooring.
Edmund | Spring Valley, NV | Report Abuse

Any advice to a widowed 60+ lady who wishes to purchase a small fixer-upper in an Idaho city with minimal snowfall? I would like to be near medical facilities, shopping and like-minded conservatives. Not too fussed about entertainment. I prefer reading to going out, but would like to work if possible. Thanks!
Rose | Fresno, CA | Report Abuse
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