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Be aware that wild city policies can be a strategy
Star Rating - 6/11/2020
I see many reviews complaining about the city council. Most of these tend to be somewhat average people. There is something that some of you need to be aware of. It is often a strategy of Democratically controlled cities to intentionally drive the middle class out of the city limits. This is damaging to the quality of life, but makes it impossible to change the administration and leaders are guaranteed re-election forever. Look at the top poverty rate cities and the top dozen all have been 100% democratically controlled for > 35 years. One problem with it is that corruption tends to become a serious issue. Baltimore has had 3 mayors in a row bounced for corruption, Newark has that beat, they had 4 in a row go to jail. The last Detroit mayor is serving a 28 year sentence. This phenomenon has a name, it is called the Curley effect after the mayor of Boston who pioneered the technique many years ago.
GRAHAM | San Jose, CA
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