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Review of Marin, California

Beautiful Scenery and Great Climate
Star Rating - 3/22/2017
Marin County has been my home for the last fifteen years, with a few years before that, between San Francisco and Berkeley. I moved here for the weather and the hiking. There are some great people here, but the general ambiance is not me. Marin caters to the very affluent, narcissistic, and, worst of all, phony new agers, whom I have nicknamed Yoga Yuppies. The housing in Fairfax, where I lived for the past twelve years, is substandard and ridiculously overpriced. I have been paying $2300 per month for a small, unremodeled, dingy, one bedroom apartment with the greediest landlord on the planet, for the privilege of living in an area with fantastic scenery. I finally realized that there are a lot of beautiful places in the world that are actually affordable and have a higher percentage of "reality" based residents.
Jessika | Fairfax, CA
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