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Review of Denver, Colorado

Star Rating - 6/25/2008
I am curious to what you are thinking to relocate. We too, live in Denver from FL. Like it but missing beach. Have young family so now is the time to find where to 'settle down'. I will tell you where I am from and you may like it. ...Stuart, FL. I'd go back but can't go live where I grew up. Check it out! Quaint, rustic beaches, County is $$ but you can live in other areas surrounding (Jensen Beach is good too).
Dazy | Denver, CO
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I live in Florida, but grew up in Denver. I miss the clean air and fresh water in Denver. There is no place like home.
Lisa | Tallahassee, FL

DENVER........SUCKS! The weather is horribly cold and it isn't as sunny as they claim. I moved here from Florida and regret it everyday. I can't wait to move!
jerry | Koppel, PA

As some who's lived in both Denver and near the sleepy town of Stuart (in northern Palm Beach County) - and since you've said you're a young family - and not retired - the employment scene in Florida is MUCH WORSE than Colorado - and Colorado's Real Estate situation is MUCH BETTER than Florida - where outward migration due to rising unemployment & rising taxes - is hurting school funding drasctically - so the 'Grass ISN'T GREENER' in Florida in many ways & this Florida NATIVE is preparing to MOVE BACK to Colorado - as those beaches you remember from WAY BACK commonly exceed Fecal Cloriform standards so bad - that HEALTH WARNINGS have to be issued telling people to stay out of the water +/or the contaminated sand on the 'cesspool' beaches!
Bp | Fort Lauderdale, FL

Cities are big places and I understand the mixed reviews...a lot depends on what neighborhood you select, where you work, your interests, etc. I'm writing because of one primary complaint I have, as a frequent visitor: aggressive drivers. If any Denverites are reading this, please please consider how you impact the quality of everyone's life when you choose to use a motor vehicle as a way of venting emotion. Consider a sport, joining a debate team, any other outlet. If you cultivate a calm and friendly attitude while behind the wheel, it enriches your own life and that of others. A win-win situation, IOW. Getting to your destination three seconds earlier because you bullied other motorists doesn't seem like much of a triumph or genuine boost to self-esteem. Stoplights are all timed, so you don't really save time by driving like an obnoxious jackass.
Paul | Wichita, KS

Denver is an all white city, and even the hispanics are white washed?????? TYLER, you're full of it man. Obviously this is coming from a man that never lived in any of the predominately hispanic (mostly mexican american) areas of denver. denver has great mexican food. A lot of people from LA have moved th denver throughout the 90's thus making the city more and more latino. Denver has great latino history. Im willing to bet that the guy named TYLER who said the denver hispanics are white washed, has never seen a neighborhood on the north, northwest, west, or south west side of Denver. If he has, he obviously didnt grow up there or spend enough time their to get to know people. denver isnt white washed and snobby. sure there are snobby people, just like every other city, but its by no means a white washed snobby city lol. The mexican culture and heritage are great, as well as the food.
joey | Denver, CO
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