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So much growth...
Star Rating - 7/5/2006
Lawrenceville used to be a very small town 30 mins from Atlanta, but now it has become a large town of bedroom communities and continues to grow at a very fast rate. Gwinnett county, of which Lawrenceville is the county seat, works very hard to keep up with the growth rate and very progressive in it's thinking regarding, recreation, libraries and parks. Gwinnet has some of the best parks and Libraries in the state. Perhaps the greatest problem living in Lawrenceville is the commute. With so many people the roads stay very busy and commute times are not great. The DOT is working to correct this problem but it is difficult to keep pace with growth.
Cheryl | Lawrenceville, GA
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- 3/6/2017
Best place to live in North Atlanta.
I am a doctor by profession and use to live diffrent places in diffrent states, but I like...
Dr. Adam | Lawrenceville, GA | No Replies

- 11/15/2011
The same city?
I owned 2 homes in Lawrenceville and was a long time resident. Lawrenceville experienced ...
Stephen | Sioux Falls, SD | No Replies

- 1/1/2011
best live place
cheaper cost for both live and business...
hong | Lawrenceville, GA | No Replies

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Spring time in Lawrenceille
Although Lawrenceville has changed a lot over the past 23 years that I have lived here, it...
Mark | Lawrenceville, GA | 1 Reply

- 4/23/2010
Education in this town is excellent if you are fortunate to have money and can afford to l...
MimiMama | Lawrenceville, GA | No Replies

- 7/12/2008
cost of living
Only 30 miles from Atlanta, it has a wonderful country feel to it. You feel like you are n...
RB | Lawrenceville, GA | No Replies

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